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Haaga Sweeper 375 (1 Only)

Haaga Sweeper 375 (1 Only)

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Haaga Sweeper 375 (1 Only)

A High-Quality, Easy-To-Use Turbo Sweeping System that Can Pick Up Even the Smallest Bits of Dirt

Haaga Sweeper 375 (1 Only) is a sweeper for medium-sized areas up to about 1,000 m2 that you only use occasionally (e.g. petrol stations, workshops, car parks). With a turbo sweeping system, it can sweep 2,900 m2 per hour, can hold 50 litres of dirt, has disc brushes on both sides, can change brush height without steps, and has a 4-year warranty on brush wear.

The Haaga Sweeper 375 (1 Only) is well-known for having a high level of quality while also being simple to operate. It can be used to sweep carpets in theatres, tennis courts, lobbies, and exhibition stands.

The one-of-a-kind turbo sweeping system has two different sets of brushes that can pick up even the tiniest particles of dirt. It sweeps the area not once, but twice to ensure that all of the dirt is collected and placed in the trash.

Features of Haaga Sweeper 375 (1 Only):                   

  • 4 Year Warranty on brush wear
  • Overlaying disc brushes for better performance
  • Brush height adjustment to clean various types of surfaces
  • Unique beltless drive for durability and ease of use
  • Sweeping wet or dry
  • Telescopic height adjustable handle
  • Vertical storage to save space
  • Perfect for large areas such as school grounds, workshops, car parks, petrol stations, car dealerships, and footpaths
  • Sweeping Performance (per hour) 2,900m2
  • Sweep Width: 75cm Waste Bin Capacity: 50L

Technical Features of Haaga Sweeper 375 (1 Only):

Disc brush system


Turbo sweeping system


Disc brush projecting on both sides


Brush height adjustment


Height-adjustable push handle




Additional Information on Haaga Sweeper 375 (1 Only):





Brush Drive


Application Areas

Home and garden, floors, sidewalks, large areas such as school grounds and car parks

Sweeping Performance (per hour)


Sweep Width


Waste Bin Capacity



11.1 Kg

Shipping Class

Non-Dangerous Goods

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