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A Collection of Premium Graded Steel Wool. Designed for Use In Multiple Industries. Namely For Cleaning, Polishing, Sanding, Smoothing, Abrasive Action, Wood & Metal Finishing, Etc.

Steel Wool Australia is a line of premium steel wool pads that are ideal for most surfaces, such as marble, granite, travertine, and terrazzo floors. It is one of the best and least expensive ways to clean floors. It works well for gardeners, plumbers, tilers, workshops, cleaners, and industrial providers.

Steel wool pads are the best option for floor maintenance, whether you need to remove a thick layer of unclean paste wax, buff a hardwood floor to a bright luster, or apply a crystalliser. The dense and fluffy portion of steel wool pads provides maximum absorption with minimal obstruction.

Why Choose Steel Wool Pads?

For a mirror-like reflecting finish, Steel Wool Pads are designed to provide maximum surface contact at the appropriate angles. Steel Wool Pads can be rinsed and reused for cleaning, dry scrubbing, polishing, and finishing practically any kind of floor. And they are reversible for even greater durability. In addition, these thick and springy pads have several characteristics and benefits that make them suited for a variety of applications.

Common Grades and Usage:

Grade Name Usage Tips
0 Fine (Smoothing & Finishing) Smooths out stains, heel marks, and scratches on floors.
00 Very Fine Metal Polishing, scratch, and stain removal.
000 Extra Finest Buffing wood floor surfaces.
0000 Super Fine Wood floor buffing and polishing are used for final finishes.
1 Medium (General Purpose Use) Cleaning and scrubbing dry many different types of surfaces.
2 Medium/Course (Surface Preparation) Waxing or scrubbing floors that aren't smooth. Getting scratches out of marble or granite and making it more crystallised.
3 or 4 Very Coarse Paint and varnish removal; smoothing and polishing rough wood floors Smoothing away surface scratches/blemishes and crystallising marble or granite


  • Available in diameters ranging from 5″ to 24″.
  • Can be individually poly-sealed to keep out moisture and to keep pads clean.
  • They cling easily to the fiber brush on any disc-type floor machine and they are reversible for longer life.
  • Designed and constructed to eliminate scratching -no welds, wire stays, or stitches-provides not only the strength necessary to cut through the dirt, but the gentleness to ensure against scratching.
  • Designed as an abrasive for polishing wood or metal objects, cleaning domestic kitchenware, washing windows, and sanding surfaces in finishing and repair work.
    It was also used to get rid of mice.
  • Every metal tool rust at some time. Fortunately, steel wool is quite effective in removing surface rust.

Highly Efficient 

When compared to synthetic floor pads, Steel Wool Pads are superior in terms of absorption, strength, and ability to remove filth from floors. When used with crystallizers or polishing compounds, it is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to care for marble, granite, travertine, and terrazzo floors. The cheapest pads aren't necessarily the best. Despite the initial savings, synthetic floor pads require multiple passes to get the same level of cleanliness as a single Steel Wool Pad.


Steel Wool Pads produce better results whether polishing, crystallising, or stripping. Steel wool pads are woven from thousands of robust steel strands, which allow for greater contact at the surface at the optimum angle to provide a smoother finish or a mirror-like finish that will make your floor stand out.

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