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The advise and services come from a place of expert hands on knowledge not just book learning.

John Millar


Professional Consulting Solutions with Excellence and Expertise!

At Stone Doctor Australia, we have consultants who are fully committed to providing expert, excellent, and in-depth analysis to give importance to the problem and solve it with necessary, practical, and effective solutions. Making sure that your natural stone is treated in the best way possible.

In addition, we are Australia's foremost natural stone industry's reference source for natural stone and tile maintenance requirements, specifications, and details. Each year, we receive thousands of inquiries from homeowners, fabricators, and other trades including that of Builders.

  • Experience You Can Trust

    With more than 20 years of experience, our years of combined experience and expertise matter, as they show what our customers say about us – Sharing Expertise, Building Relationships!

  • Bright Solutions. Profitable Results

    At our core, Stone Doctor Australia is a rock-solid natural stone professional consulting service company that combines the values that lead to success by addressing issues in a highly effective and safe way that no one company can handle on their own.

  • Excellent Professional Consulting

    As a natural stone consulting company, we are always adapting and looking for new ways to meet the needs of the market. We are set up to give professional advice, and we want our clients to use and benefit from our expert team of consultants on projects involving natural stone.

  • Turning Vision into Growth

    Our strategic-thinking capabilities and detailed implementation methodologies manifest our vision. We will continue to communicate in the market as it is a critical point to safeguard clients’ needs, listen to new challenges faced by the industry, and work within the given available framework to resolve issues that are current while maintaining our position with all other required resolutions. Stone Doctor Australia prides itself with in-depth experience of which our consultants are ready to engage.

  • Financially Smart, Service from The Heart!

    Providing our clients with the most up-to-date strategies and with rapid solutions makes us a viable company in consultative provisions. As with most of our clients who do not have the luxury of time in making critical decisions, here is where our team of experienced consultants who have worked in specific disciplines and industries for a long time is most able to positively assist.

  • First, we make it work. Then we will make it last

    We do not take things lightly and are always diligently working for the best interest of our clients. That is why we recognise the importance of a solid, trusting, relationship and we view our efforts as a partnership with our clients.