Week 3 : Marble Benchtop Re-Hone & Seal at Armadale

by Brian Lau October 13, 2014 1 Comment

Marble is a highly popular stone that can be used for benchtops, countertops or tabletops. Known for its timeless quality and impressive visual appeal, marble can be costly, which is why it is important that it is well cared for and maintained. We at the Stone Doctor Australia service team were required to restore 1 island, 1 cook-top  and a double sink bench at this Armadale residence. Abrasive diamond grinding is one of the most effective tools used as it provides high quality restoration outcomes by perfectly re-honing stone surfaces. The benchtops were re-honed with two different grits of abrasives to achieve the desired finish for this job. Lithofin MN Power-Clean a restoration grade, high intensity cleaner for all natural stones was used to thoroughly clean the benchtops after the surfaces were re-honed. Etching is essentially unpreventable in the kitchen. A kitchen benchtop is exposed to many acidic foods and drinks. 24 hours after cleaning the surfaces of the benches a penetrating sealer known as Lithofin MN Stain-Stop was applied to provide protection from water and oil stains. Lithofin MN Stain-Stop allows the stone to breathe naturally, cures quickly, and offers a totally natural appearance. For regular maintenance of natural stone benchtops, Lithofin MN Easy-Clean can be sprayed on to remove dirt, oil and grease residues and provides streak-free cleaning. Check out the before and after photos. Harish Rijkaard - 03-9429 1223 Visit us at: www.stonedoctor.com.au

Brian Lau
Brian Lau


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Absolute Stone Care
Absolute Stone Care

January 17, 2016

Its really one of the effective information which is used to provides a high quality restoration.Thanks for sharing with us.

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