Lantapad Floor Restoration System

Lantapad restoration system of diamond pads represent an innovative solution in the field of polishing / smoothing procedures of any surface in marble, stone and concrete agglomerates.

Thanks to 9 different grits (50/100/200/400/800/1500/3000/5000/15000) and several formats available, they are perfectly suitable to use in ordinary maintenance. Absolutely quickly adaptable, these can be easily equipped on single disc floor machines, orbital sanders or grinders for the most proper use on different type of surfaces (like huge areas, stairs, kitchen tops, counter tops, etc..)

Simple to use, just add a water to the Lantapad restoration system and grind away.. clean up after every grit. Always use a wet vacuum to pick up grind slurry before progressing up each grit.

The various grits of these diamond pads allows the use on very damaged surfaces, starting from the lower grits to remove deep scratches, to achieve the higher ones that are perfect to smooth the surface ensuring a great result, without applying any wax on the top, making upkeep operations easier. These pads feature a very good coverage that covers an estimate of 60m2 according to the type of surface to polish. 

It is common to follow up with polishing chemicals as the last step to secure a well polished and consolidated surface. There are different polishing products to be used for different stone types. The Lantapad restoration system will prepare the surface to achieve an excellent finish each and every time.

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