Envirofluid Green Specialty Chemicals 

Work Safe, Environmentally Compliant Maintenance, Cleaning, and Disinfectant Chemicals which are 100% Australian Made and Owned.

These powerful, plant-based solutions have extraordinary cleaning power and are free of all toxic and hazardous ingredients. All Envirofluid specialty chemicals are carefully studied, formulated and manufactured to eliminate workplace and environmental risk.

Triple7 worksafe, environmental chemistries are designed for:

  • Staff & Customer Safety and Comfort
  • Protection of Cleaning Surfaces
  • Protection of Our Environment

Most cleaning chemicals contain toxic ingredients, rated as S2 poisons… ‘Keep Out of Reach of Children’ and we are inadvertently filling the environment with toxic off-gassing, a cause of asthma, neurotic disorders and even malfunctioning reproductive organs. Toxic cleaning chemicals cause:

1. Health Issues – chronic ailments, debilitating illnesses, reproductive disorders & cancers.
2. Environmental Concerns – water pollution, death of marine life, ecosystem imbalance, soil contamination & ground-water fouling.
3. Impure Air Quality – ozone loss, global warming, acid rain & air pollution.
4. Social Impact – unhealthy & unpleasant working & living environments & absenteeism.

Triple7‘s plant-based formulations are made from renewable plant sources and contain non-ionic surfactants (surface acting agents) that break the surface tension of water and gently remove soiling using a ‘lift & release’ technique without damaging cleaning surfaces. This is in contrast to common cleaning chemicals that are ionically charged – or “burn off” soiling – leaving surfaces damaged or weakened, and prone to corrosion and tarnishing.

Use Envirofluid specialty chemicals and conduct your business in an environmentally responsible manner as we all can help to protect the earth and its natural resources.

Envirofluid also has a safety solvent range that are a low hazard alternative to commonly used industrial solvents. Look out for the unique Purasolve paint equipment and tool cleaner as a great alternative.

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