Find Great Products At Unbelievable Prices. Discounts Galore On Overstocked Items.

They say, “A clean home is a happy home.” Yes! No matter the size of your home, it certainly deserves the best TLC ever!

You have to admit, there are days when you are really not in the mood to do much at all. That should not be the case. Choosing the right care and maintenance products and tools will lessen the amount of effort required to get the job done right without causing damage to the surface being worked on.

Here we have raised a special collection placing emphasis on clearing our overstocked items where by doing so.. it will give our customers the opportunity to purchase items at cost or close enough. This will improve on our cash flow and huge savings for you. Certainly a win-win outcome.

Come back regularly and visit this page only to be surprised at what you may find and benefit from. As Stone Doctor Australia carries a wide array of products that includes stone & tile care, painting equipment, cleaning equipment & tools, etc.. you may just walk away with a deal impossible to resist.

This is it! You are on the right track! Remember, having the right equipment, tools and products are paramount to the successful completion of the task at hand.

Our team of specialist are here to assist not just on these overstocked or clearance items but for any of your enquiries. Call us now at 03-9429 1223 or email us at

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