Landolt Floorliner floor protection products are innovative catering towards a wide range of useful features needed to protect newly installed floors or existing ones when re-modelling homes, commercial buildings and industrial locations. It is designed for use on all floor types.

Landolt Floorliner Vapor  has been specifically designed to protect newly installed moisture sensitive materials namely natural stone tiles, finished timber floorboards and carpets. This breathable floor protection product has revolutionized the temporary floor protection industry by a mile. You can start protecting all new floors with confidence after 72 hours from complete installation.Then never have a worry about protection for the duration of your project. Easily removed. 99.99% residue free on removal.

This reusable breathable floor protection is to be applied over clean and dust free surfaces. It has a width of 1 meter and a length of 50 meters. Just roll out the sheet and place it on the floor. Cut where appropriate and when joining sheets, overlap by 10cms. Application is really that simple. When you need to remove it, just take it off effortlessly. Safe keep for future use or dispose accordingly.

Landolt Floorliner™ Vaporhas features that will easily outperform regular protection products. One of them is the presence of Opticoat™ which is a special patented compound found on the underside of these Landolt floor protection rolls that will grip onto the surface being protected. This will make your work area anti-slip as these sheets will not move. This makes it an ideal product when protecting staircase treads and risers. Regular trouble causing sticky tapes will no longer be required.

Other features of Landolt Floorliner™ Vapor includes the following:

impervious to absorption * impact resistant * breathable * reusable * easy application * removed easily * residue free removal * for all floor surfaces

Landolt Floorliner Vapor

The vapor-transmitting PE film on its surfaces makes this Landolt floor protection product a breathable floor protection alternative and we understand that there is no other product as such in the market today. Extreme care and protection offered when dealing with sensitive natural stone floors tiles, exclusive finished timber floorboards, other tiles and carpeted floors. It has the ability to dissipate moisture and solvents from new substrates while allowing other trades to quickly get back to work. General curing times for floor substrates are between 7 - 21 days. You can now protect floors just after 72 hours.


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