Lithofin MN Easy-Care

easy-careHolla peeps, this week I'm going to talk about Lithofin MN Easy-Care. This products is a maintenance product for daily / regular usage on Marble, Natural and Engineered Stone floors for both honed and polish finish.

Lithofin MN Easy-Care is a no-rinse conditioning cleaner that is safe and recommended for routine cleaning of floor surfaces and grout that has been treated with Lithofin impregnating / penetrating sealers.

Lithofin MN Easy-Care maintains and enhances the stone's natural patina, preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the surface.

More Features:

1. Acid Free!!! 2. No Rinsing Required. 3. Increases Slip Resistance. 4. Supports Impregnation Function (Sealant) 5. Leaves Surface More Dirt and Dust Repellent. 6. Very Economical. Just a capfull in a bucket of water. 7. And Finally, It Is Has Been Crafted in Germany for Stone, so why not?!?!Shop Online Image Thanks for reading guys, I hope this helps out.

Cýall next week.

Brian Lau
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