Stone tile installation work requires good skill, proper tools, approved products and most importantly understanding the material being used.

Natural stone floor tile installation for example requires the tiler to be skilled enough to hide inconsistent tiles, maneuver tiles with different tonalities, keep the weak and strong veins apart, etc.. Tiling with natural stone is challenging and complicated unlike using consistent porcelain or ceramic tiles for floor tile installation.

Installing marble as wall and floor covering is not a new thing. It’s been going on for more that a 100 years with churches and cathedrals for example been beautified by master stonemasons whose craftsmanship is seen till this very day. Installing marble today has very little similarities compared to the way older master stonemasons worked back then. Having both limited resources and tools, it was indeed a huge challenge to overcome back then but not so much in today’s day and age.

As for now, we have made stone tile installation much easier for the professional as well as for DIY tilers having made available all the necessary installation tools, installation products, resin glues, stone waxes and even neutral cure silicones. Check out our lippage free tile leveling system, all new epoxy grout system or perhaps try out our neutral cure silicone from Germany.

Our other categories of products are:

Tiling tools * circular saw blades * electric paddle mixer* core drill bits * tile saw * handheld power tools * marble resin glues * adhesives * cementitious grout * waterproofing * stone waxes

Having all the right tools and materials set in place, stone tile installation projects is now able to take a new dimension. Installing marble completely lippage free was once impossible even to the most experienced master stonemason but today everything has been made easy for the DIY tiler to produce close to perfect lippage free installations.

Floor tile installation today goes on a rapid pace having all the assisted tools and devices covering more square meters per day like never before. Installation products from top brands like MAPEI & ARDEX keep producing higher yielding products including quickset adhesives and quick setting grout.

As we continue to serve our existing clients consisting of tilers, stonemasons, builders and DIY homeowners, Stone Doctor Australia has now more stone care consultants to work with you and can serve and service more clients across Australia. Our aim is to help any individual or company who wishes to work with stone to manage their projects well using approved products, quality tools and to follow the correct installation procedures we have set in place to achieve great outcomes.