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Edco Glomesh Diamond Floor Pad 425mm - 1 Pc

Edco Glomesh Diamond Floor Pad 425mm - 1 Pc

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Edco Glomesh Diamond Floor Pad 425mm - 1 Pc

It Provides the Highest Quality Results and Can Be Used on Damaged Flooring or After Grinding. Heavy-Duty Removal of Stone Scratches and Discolouration

The Edco Glomesh Diamond Floor Pad 425mm - 1 Pc is part of the industry-leading line of floor pads made by Glomesh and Pall Mall. It gives the best results. Glomesh New Zealand has developed new ways to use diamond floor pads to buff and polish stone floors like marble, granite, stone tiles, and more. Use only water to start up the machine. Floors can be kept in good shape by buffing them dry with 6000-grit pads and an Ultra High-Speed burnished. Floors should be taken care of in ways that are better for the environment.

Note: Available in 400 and 800 Grits.

400 Grit: This aggressive pad is used with a regular speed machine or auto scrubber and a little water to start preparing floors that are very worn down. An excellent starting point for concrete that hasn't been polished.

800 Grit: Use this pad first for normal preparation. It fixes minor scratches.


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