Edco Is The Brand For Quality Cleaning

Edco was established as a cotton weaving operation by the Edmondsons family in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville in 1941. Initially providing much needed war time supplies of bandages, blankets and parachute harnesses to the Australian armed forces, the company expanded its product offerings to cover all types of cotton cleaning products.

Edco today stands out for quality cleaning supplies and their cleaning range of tools and accessories are seen across Australia being used in residential and commercial locations. The Edco is for quality cleaning and their products are seen as the yardstick and standard in the cleaning industry.

In the recent years, Edco has been developing a range of high quality commercial cleaning lines. Our consultants have put together a complete range of products from Edco for quality cleaning which are suited to a wide range of users. This extensive product list contains brush ware, scrubs and pans, buckets and bins, sweepers, mops, dust mops, dusters, etc.. We stock hundreds of of these products and are happy to ship it to you anywhere in Australia.

Until this very day, Edco remains a 100% Australian Family owned and operated company. Indeed Edco is the brand for quality cleaning tools and accessories.

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