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Ardex S 28 Neu - 20kgs

Ardex S 28 Neu - 20kgs

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Ardex S 28 Neu - 20kgs

A Microtec, Rapidly Curing, and Fiber-Reinforced Flooring & Stone Tile Adhesive

Tile adhesives such as the Ardex S 28 Neu - 20 kgs are utilized in the process of bonding or gluing tiles onto a surface or substrate. It is crucial to select the appropriate stone tile adhesive in order to ensure a long-lasting installation. Because different surfaces, substrates, tiles, locations, and even tiling conditions do not share the same features, there are a variety of varied adhesive criteria that must be met.

The Ardex S 28 Neu - 20kgs adhesive is a Microtec fibre reinforced Ardurapid technology cement-based glue that cures and sets in a very short amount of time. In particular, Ardex S 28 Neu - 20 kg is appropriate for usage in interior locations that are not continuously damp.

* Ardex S 28 Neu - 20 kg can be used for fixing low to medium dimensionally sensitive stone surfaces. For details please refer to Technical Bulletin TB010 – Fixing of Moisture-Sensitive Stone/Marble.

* Ardex S 28 Neu - 20kgs (white) is for translucent tiles, glass, mosaics, limestone, travertine, marble, and other natural stone.

NOTE: It should not be used in swimming pools or other outside locations.

Features of Ardex S 28 Neu - 20kgs:

  • Rapid drying, with the ability to be grouted and trafficked three hours after fixing.
  • Decreased likelihood of water damage, including staining, warping, and curling.
  • There should be no lipping on the floor tiles; the finish should be flat on the floor tiles, particularly the porcelain that has been polished.


How to Use Ardex S 28 Neu - 20kgs:

The Ardex S 28 Neu - 20 kg is Perfect for the Following Situations:

  • Instances where the adhesive bed needs to dry fast or where the tiling needs to be grouted and used promptly after being fixed.
  • Areas where there is still some moisture present, which could cause efflorescence or watermarks on certain natural stone tiles.
  • Extremely large tile installations call for a lot of work in order to achieve wet bed transfer that is compliant with AS 3958.
  • Large tiles weigh a lot and have the potential to slow down the drying process of adhesives.

Tile Types:

Fully vitrified ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, concrete stone tiles (like terrazzo), natural stone mosaics, and glass and porcelain mosaics are all included in this category.


  • Concrete, renders, screeds
  • Medium-density fiber-cement sheet on walls and plasterboard
  • The existing ceramic tiles
  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)
  • Compressed fiber-cement sheet on floors (with Ardex E 90 - 20kgs)
  • Heater floors
  • The existing ceramic tiles


Walls & Floors


Before using Ardex S 28 Neu - 20kgs, make sure to read both the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and the Technical Data Sheet (TDS). This is for your own protection.


Additional Information on Ardex S 28 Neu - 20kgs:



Pack Size







Internal Use Only


    Walls: 10.5m2 per 20kg

    Floors: 6.8m2 per 20kg

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Non-Dangerous Goods


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