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CP400 Floor Cleaning, Grinding, Polishing & Crystallization Machine

CP400 Floor Cleaning, Grinding, Polishing & Crystallization Machine

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Machine For Floor Cleaning, Wet Polishing, Grinding & Crystallization.

Introducing our robust and versatile floor polishing and grinding machine, featuring a durable all-metal construction made of aluminum and steel. Controlled by a manually removable swing arm with an adjustable lever for precise positioning, this machine ensures optimal performance with its head handle equipped with dual "on-off" controls for added safety.

Key Features:

  • Solid cast aluminum construction ensures durability.
  • Silent and long-lasting helical gears for a smooth transmission.
  • Maintenance-free transmission for hassle-free operation.
  • Powerful oversized motor provides high torque and performance.
  • Adjustable handle height for user convenience (no tools required).
  • Easy removal of the handle for added flexibility.
  • Double safety features against unintentional starting, including a safety switch.

Generous 10-meter cable with a high section for extended reach.
This all-in-one polishing and grinding machine is ideal for various applications, making it a go-to solution for your flooring needs. It is suitable for grinding and polishing using diamond or stone, crystallizing stone floors, as well as industrial scrubbing with brushes or pads. The machine's versatility extends further with compatibility for a wide range of accessories, including a water tank, chemical dispensers, and different plates for tasks like crystallization, polishing, grinding, and brushing.


  • Cristallization of marble, terrazzo, concrete, etc.
  • Polishing marble, terrazzo, concrete, etc.
  • Stripping and degreasing floors.
  • Sanding, grinding, and polishing floors.
  • Interchangeable plates with automatic anchor.
  • Experience maximum performance and durability with our floor polishing and grinding machine, designed to meet the demands of diverse floor maintenance tasks.

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