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Diversey Victor

Diversey Victor

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Diversey Victor

Dry-Bright, Water Based Polish Suitable For Vinyl And Lino Surfaces Which Response Very Well To Buffing

Diversey Victor is a type of floor polish sealer that is made using advanced materials and polymer technology. It is designed to provide a high gloss surface that is easy to maintain on a variety of flooring types including vinyl, lino, rubber, cork, and timber. It is ideal for those who want to keep their floors looking clean and polished without having to spend a lot of time and effort on maintenance.

If you have questions on Diversey Victor, please call us at 03-9429-1223 or start a live chat with one of our experts if you require expert assistance. We are happy to serve you and provide a comprehensive solution.

NOTE 1: Not recommended for use on natural stone surfaces.

NOTE 2: Available in two sizes: 5L and 15L.

Features of Diversey Victor:

  • Can achieve the look through both low and high-speed spray buffing
  • Decreased costs for users due to less frequent buffing, burnishing, and recoating, as well as fewer floor-stripping operations
  • Low ammonia odor during application
  • Excellent ability to be recoated
  • Low sensitivity to humidity during application
  • Unmatched repairability
  • Easy removal of black heel marks
  • Very good resistance to powdering and dusting
  • Quick drying time


How to Use Diversey Victor:


Apply two to three coats of Diversey Victor onto vinyl floor tiles for a superior gloss finish.

The application can be either by conventional or spray buff method.

Diversey Victor will produce a far longer gloss retention than polishes made with conventional polymers.

Diversey Victor provides excellent black heel and scuff resistance


Always read the label and follow directions for use. Kindly refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Technical Data Sheet (TDS) before use.


Additional Information on Diversey Victor:




5L and 15L


Creamy Liquid




Slight Ammonia


Store in cool dry places

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