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Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit

Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit

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Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit

All You Need Kit For The Premium Care Of Marble & Granite Floors


Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit

There’s nothing more satisfying and beautiful than the permanence of natural stone. With proper care and maintenance using the right cleaning products, your stone surfaces can last a lifetime. The best protection is prevention. Stone Doctor Australia has selected the best cleaning products that work together because we want your stone surfaces to look brand new. A little love on a regular basis keeps it beautiful for years to come.  


We know that you have probably invested a lot of time, money, effort, and thought into your flooring design. Even more surface care is worthy of that investment. Now you have the best way to protect, clean, maintain, and enhance the floors that graces your home and brightens your life. Of course, we recommend using the Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit we have to offer.


This Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit makes it easier to clean and maintain your stone surfaces. This complete kit is the best choice for peace of mind and maximum care of floors with nothing left out that you will need. Don’t panic! Keep calm and use our Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit with confidence.


Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit product inclusions:

Natural stone floors requires a different maintenance routine than traditional flooring surfaces. Incorrect cleaning products can damage or dull stone. Therefore, frequent cleaning and maintenance with our Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit becomes almost a necessity to give your stone surfaces their appeal and charm.

Presenting the Edco Glomesh Pad White- 5 pcs a non-abrasive scrubbing pad when some agitation is required. Paired up with the Edco Scourer Pad with Handle- 1 unit a handheld unit for handy convenience when using these pads. It’s a strong all-nylon hand scrubber with hooks to hold the pads in place. If you are looking for a grout brush that has a great handle, we have thus included the Edco Handy Grout Brush- 1 unit. This cleaning accessory features a sturdy PVC fill handle, a front edge scraper, and a hanging hook for easy and clean storage when you need to give those grout joints a quick scrub. The Edco Enduro Spray Mop- 1 unit has an onboard fluid storage for all in one flat mopping solution. This spray mop is easy to use and has a built-in fluid indicator on the side of the handle. Along with this premium microfibre flatbed mopping system, we have thrown in a spare Edco Mop Pad Refill (Blue)- 1 pc which designed to be used wet or dry on most hard surfaces. This will give you the ability to have one clean sleeve at all times while the other is put into the washing machine for a thorough wash. Let me add these mopping sleeves has a long life span. Moreover, the Edco Hand Scrub- 1 unit has a soft rubber grip with stiff bristles ideal for heavy-duty scrub cleaning as and when that is required. We have included in this kit a Numatic James Commercial Vacuum- 1 unit with a 2-year warranty providing both professional cleaning results and great value. This vacuum gives a great standard of cleaning, as well as remarkable value for money. While the James vacuum cleaner will keep your bills low, that's not to say that he packs any less of a punch. With a 10m power cable and 8 litre capacity, as well as built-in storage for all his accessories, James is more than capable of cleaning professional environments. James comes with an accessory for just about every job, as he is supplied with the full accessory kit AH0 with a lightweight aluminum tube set. He also features the innovative HepaFlo filtration system, which improves filtration, cleanliness, and capacity. Lastly and most importantly is the inclusion of Lithofin MN Easy Care- 1L X 2 bottles assure you and gives you special soft gentle care and aid you in the general maintenance of your floors. Lithofin MN Easy-Care is for the maintenance of all-natural and engineered stone floor surfaces. It cleans and maintains the stone in a single application. It contains agents that take up the dirt and makes it easy to remove by mopping or wiping. Once applied, it will create a wax-free patina and with continued use, the surface colour will continue to remain vibrant.


Just as you wouldn’t wash your expensive car with any ordinary harsh household cleaner, the same applies to your beautiful and stunning natural stone floors. Natural stone floors demand the same kind of attention – it needs proper cleaning products that are specifically made for its unique mineral composition. Keep in mind that with your top-of-the-line stone surfaces, you should invest top-of-the-line care. Without a doubt for best results, use our Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit to make your cleaning easier and effective. You will be sure to note that we offer products designed to work together. If you have any inquiries about this Premium Natural Stone Floor Care Kit, chat with our team of experts now! We are pleased to assist you.



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