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Lithofin MPP - 750gms

Lithofin MPP - 750gms

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Lithofin MPP - 750gms

Reactive Polishing Powder For Calcite Stone Types.

Lithofin MPP - 750gmsis quick-acting, long-lasting, and enhances the overall appearance of the stone being polished.Lithofin MPP - 750gms is most suitable for high calcium-containing stone types like marble, limestone, terrazzo, composite marble, and travertine. The polish finish of marble is renewed transforming the surface to high gloss finish provided the surface in question has been well honed and properly prepared.Floor Polishers & Buffers

Lithofin MPP - 750gms is part of Lithofin for professional use only range of products and is a polishing powder based on oxalates and special additives. Lithofin MPP - 750gms powder needs technical experience and expertise.  By forming a paste with Lithofin MPP - 750gms, then using suitable floor machine along with an appropriate polish pad will react with the stone surface creating a deep polished finish.

Furthermore, Lithofin MPP - 750gms is best used in restoring dull areas and renewing the natural polish-look of the stone surfaces. Also, Lithofin MPP - 750gms is considered to be a highly recommended polishing powder for all calcite stone types. Just by making sure you understand how to use the product, the finishing look using Lithofin MPP - 750gms gives a satisfying result by revitalising dulled and lifeless stone surface to a glass like finish.

Stone Doctor Australia is here with all the materials you will need not forgetting this special and fast acting powder named Lithofin MPP - 750gms on how to professionally polish marble, limestone and travertine floors.


Not sure if Lithofin MPP - 750gms is suitable for your issue? Chat with our team of experts now!

Features of Lithofin MPP - 750gms:

  • Powder
  • No fumes
  • High Gloss
  • Fast acting
  • Long lasting

* This is a professional only use product. Prior stone grinding & polishing experience is required.


How To Use Lithofin MPP - 750gms:


  • The surface to be treated must be clean and free of polymers, acrylates and wax layers.
  • Use Lithofin MN Power-Clean or Lithofin WAX OFF - 1 Litre to thoroughly clean the surface.
  • For touching up small surfaces or patches it is possible to polish by hand. However this will only lead to a lower level of gloss; it is preferable to use a polishing machine.
  • On smaller surfaces we recommend polishing machines with approx. 1000 rpm.
  • For floors, a one disc polishing machine with approx. 140 to 180 rpm, 40 to 50 kg, pressure of approx. 0,37 N/cm² to 0,52 N/cm² is necessary.
  • Always use a white nylon polishing pad.
  • Treat larger surfaces in segments of max. 10 to 15m².


  • Wet the surface with plenty of water.
  • Spread a small quantity of Lithofin MPP - 750gms and immediately start polishing.
  • When the product turns pasty, add some water and continue polishing until the desired gloss level is reached.
  • Then immediately rinse the surface with Lithofin MN Power-Clean diluted 1:10 to 1:20 and remove the solution with a wet and dry vac or microfibre cloth.
  • Do not allow any product residues to remain on the surface.
  • Advice: it may be advisable to wet the surface with Lithofin MN Power-Clean rather than with water. This reduces the risk of etching due to splashes on already polished surfaces. On small areas, Lithofin MPP - 750gms can be mixed with Lithofin MN Power-Clean to form a paste, which is easier to use.
  • Please Note: sensitive surfaces such as wood, parquet, carpets, etc. must be protected against splashes. Some types of stone could be difficult to polish with this product. Consider using other polishing compounds as different stones may require a different polishing compounds for optimal results. Always try Lithofin MPP - 750gms in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Deep scratches and general wear patterns cannot be removed.
  • Coverage: approx. 40m²/kg
  • Application Temperature: the temperature of the surface should be between 10°C and 25°C. Switch off underfloor heating.


Field of Use

  • For touching up dull patches and for renewing worn off polishes on marble, travertine and other calcium containing stones such as carrara, thassos, ajax, etc. as well as terrazzo and agglo marble.
  • Lithofin MPP - 750gms is not suitable for granite, quartzite, artificial stone, etc.

* Kindly refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for Lithofin MPP - 750gms for complete details. The above consist of important extracted information only and not all. 




Base Type






Shelf Life

4 years




Closed, Cool & Dry 10-25ºC


Up to 40m²

Shipping Class

Non-Dangerous Good


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