This is one area of which we undoubtedly have the best range of products in all of Australia. Enjoy browsing through our post installation section of this store and find stone specialty cleaners, premium stone penetrating sealers when sealing natural stone and diamond abrasive pads when the need arises to renew and restore existing stone surfaces.

Our specialty stone cleaners are not regular use products but are designed for use when an initial builders clean is required or for periodic maintenance. We have products to thoroughly clean rough granite, porcelain and ceramics tiled surfaces. None of these products should be used on marble, limestone or travertine surfaces except for Lithofin Oil-Ex and maybe Lithofin ASR. Either way these products have to be tested against the surface being treated before undertaking the job as a whole. These stone specialty cleaners are mostly acidic with one of them being alkaline.

When sealing natural stone, you can always trust Lithofin to deliver the right quality product. With thousands of litres sold monthly, it naturally displays how German engineering and technology over performs other products from America, Europe and definitely amongst the locally manufactured ones. Happy customers have testified having years of unparalleled protection for both internal tiles as well as for external pavers. Sealing natural stone surfaces are indeed essential and truly a must for all stone types keeping them protected at all times including that of marble, limestone, travertine, granite, onyx, and sandstone. A sealed surface is kept resistant to absorption of water or solvent based liquids from potentially penetrating and staining them. Tremendous help with maintenance and ongoing care. We have both water based as well as solvent based stone penetrating sealers to choose from. Ask our trained stone care consultants on which sealer would be best suited for your application.

Don’t miss out on our collection of effective stain removers. We have oil stain, rust stain and a general stain removal product. Always test in an inconspicuous area or on a spare tile before fully utilizing any of these products.

Our high yielding diamond abrasive pads are meant to restore damaged areas of natural stone by grinding them. These diamond abrasive pads should be used with caution and by an experienced operator as the effects could see more harm than good when wrongly applied. These pads comes in 7 different grits ranging from the roughest to the finest grit. It is excellent when the stone surface needs to be re-hone or re-polished. Under the category of diamond abrasive pads, you will see a unique hand block design that can help touch up small areas of imperfections without the use of polishing or grinding machines.

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