TENAX products Australia includes a unique stone colour enhancer, two different penetrating sealers, waxes, four different stone glues with 6 different additional colourants.

Tenax products Australia has been used for more that 20 years here in Australia and the Tenax brand name is hugely popular with all stonemasons, tilers and builders. So when you buy TENAX products you are rest assured that you have the best and that it has been widely field tested and approved by experienced trades in the industry.

TENAX - Italy Stone Care Products are fully imported and it represents great quality. Their marble glue is of no comparison when compared to other brands that have tried to penetrate the market with no success failing miserably. The glues come in transparent, white, beige and black as four primary colours. However, Tenax products Australia also has special colourants to go with these marble glues to achieve the best colour matching when filling gaps, holes, cracks etc.. The special colourants come in white, yellow, red, brown, green and black or in a complete set with these 6 different colours all included.

When looking for a color enhancing penetrating sealer for your marble floors or other floors like travertines, granite, terrazzo, TENAX products Australia has a product called TENAX AGER and it will give you the “wet-look effect” both for indoor and outdoor application. Whether you have flamed, rough or sanded surfaces, TENAX AGER stone colour enhancer and penetrating sealer will still give you that much desired “wet-look effect”. Buy Tenax products in store or online for your convenience.

TENAX Hydrex is an invisible solvent based sealer that will not change the look of the substrate being sealed as it is deemed invisible. It's main function is to protect the surface from getting stained. TENAX - Italy Stone Care Products can be trusted at all times to provide you with the results you seek.

Buy TENAX products when you are looking at getting a liquid wax.

TENAX Cera Fluida is a uniquely formulated solvent based liquid wax that helps hide imperfections on natural stone. It can bring back loss of colour to worn out stone benches and vanities. Warning: Never use waxes on floors as they can make floors very slippery.

With over 50 years in the stone industry, F.lli Bombana Angelo e Guido” established the TENAX in 1956 in Verona producing mastic | glues for both local and international markets. And started producing synthetic abrasives and abrasives in magnesian for marble in 1960.

TENAX - Italy Stone Care Products have been an established company on the market since 1992.